Automatic secondary bagging machine

Quick mold replacement without the need for any tools, greatly improving the ease of equipment operation

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Bagging machine automatic

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Function Features

Quick mold replacement without the need for any tools, greatly improving the ease of equipment operation

Cloud based IoT technology with built-in remote monitoring module, allowing for anytime, anywhere understanding of production situations

The device has a fault self check function, which can quickly troubleshoot based on the touch screen information

Easy to operate, parameters can be automatically saved/retrieved with various specifications, without the need for manual settings; One click intelligent adjustment of specifications greatly reduces the professional skill requirements of operators, achieving foolproof operation

Intelligent identification of soft bag materials, soft bag removal function, to avoid unnecessary waste of outer bags

Equipped with the function of removing damaged and damaged bags to avoid packaging failure caused by damaged bags and ensure the stability of the equipment

High productivity efficiency ratio, saving 3-4 labor hours, fast speed

Imported power filter processing effectively eliminates the impact of other machines in the factory on equipment; Imported power supply phase sequence protection device, completely preventing motor reversal from damaging equipment

Able to seamlessly connect with any existing manufacturer and model of brick type vacuum packaging machines on the customer's site. Forming a high-end and intelligent automated packaging production line

All components are well-known international and domestic brands, with a long service life and stable performance


Technical Parameters

Model ZKTD-600-T6
Weighing vacuum shaping range (kg) 2-5
Packaging speed (bag/h) 600-700
Authorized size of rice bricks (mm) Width: 175-250 Thickness: 60-90 Height: 230-350
Applicable packaging bags Four sided sealing bag, hand buckle plastic packaging bag
Power supply, power AC380V/ 50Hz
Gas source and consumption 0.4-0.6MPa
Overall dimensions (mm) 3715x3260x1505
Automatic secondary bagging machine

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